Simple Things You Can Do to Show your Dog You Love Them

Giving treats or showering your dogs with loads of kisses is not the only way to express your love. Various studies have proved some other methods that you can try.

Our pets are the most integral part of our lives. They provide us with unconditional love and affection every day. We, too, indefinitely love our furry babies, however, often wondering if our pets understand our love? We sometimes wish we could speak their language just to let them know how much they mean to us; but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some ways to express your love where they will actually understand it.

It may sound obvious, but just a reminder—talk to your dogs! We humans tend to forget them in our hectic schedule sometimes. Take some time out, sit, and have a chat with your pet. Also, give them the attention they deserve while they’re saying something or trying hard to get your attention. Don’t forget to keep your phones aside as your pet needs your undivided attention.

Direct eye contact is a risk to try with a random stray dog. But, gentle eye contact has its own benefit if you try this with your own pet. Maintain eye contact with them whilst you’re calmly stroking them. According to Dr Brian Hart, writer of the book “The Genius of Dogs”, the activity stimulates the release of Oxytocin in their brain. This is similar to the feelings shared between a mother and her child.

Literally, lean on them! We aren’t telling you to crush them but gently lean on them to let them know you trust them. We all have noticed them randomly coming close and rubbing or pressing their bodies against ours. So just give them one gentle nudge right back.

We, humans, are not the only one gifted with facial expressions; our pets also do have this quality. This is noticeable when your dog greets you! So, make sure you display more facial expressions while you greet them. A Japanese study found that dogs raise their left eyebrow while greeting their owners. If you can do that, you’ll be showing love in exactly their manner.

It is said that dogs sleep with us to show their utmost love and care. We understand that some people might not allow their pets to sleep with them. But, do take some time out to cuddle them. This exercise is not only good for your pet; it is great for you, too! There are studies that say that this increases confidence and security in humans. Nonetheless, if your pet is not a fan of cuddling, respect their space.

Take your pet outdoors! Don’t constraint outdoors to only exercise, which is a vital part too. Let your pet also be in their own element for some time. Take them out to socialise or someplace where they can run free to their heart's content. Play some friendly tug with them or take them on car rides where they can stick their head out and enjoy the ride.

A pooch will surrender itself if you scratch that perfect spot, behind the ears! Their ears are full of nerve endings which stimulate the release of endorphins when rubbed. They get doggy-high when you do that and immediately become comfortable in your lap. Another spot is your pets back near its tail. This is a hard-to-reach spot and your pet will appreciate the scratches.

Feeding your pet with a healthy diet and on time is definitely a must! To show them some more love, try feeding them directly from your hand sometimes. The benefit of this is that they associate you with the best thing in their life, food! Also, do not overdo it as you don’t want to spoil your already spoiled brats!

Last but not the least, be yourself! Your pet can sense your emotions even if you do nothing.  Eventually, they know how much you love them and will love you back nevertheless.

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