Preparing a Home With Pets for a Natural Disaster

A pet owner's guide to ensuring the safety of their pets, should a natural disaster ever strike. After all, let's not overlook the effects of Global Warming!

The rate at which we are facing the repercussions of global warming, the possibility of being hit by a natural disaster this very minute cannot be ruled out. While we as humans possess the required instinct to cope appropriately in times like this, it is the animals, indoor pets especially that may be taken aback in times of natural disasters. And so, in today’s post, we list down how you can proof and prepare your home for a natural disaster.

Based on the region you live in, your pet is most likely to experience one of the following conditions, should a natural disaster strike:

  • Wildfire - Smoke inhalation
  • Floods - Respiratory injury due to near-drowning, exposure to contaminated water, infectious diseases 
  • Hurricanes / Tornadoes - Physical injury from falling debris, heat exhaustion and heat stroke from power outages
  • Water scarcity - Dehydration

Apart from the mentioned, conditions like fear, anxiety, and other behavioural changes too are most likely to develop after extreme weather conditions.

So what should you, as a conscientious pet parent be ready with?

Pet Health Insurance:

It’s after all not a matter of if but when speaking of natural disasters. Having your pet covered with a health insurance gives you an unparalleled peace of mind whilst ensuring your pet’s safety. This is your chance to protect their life and avail the best of medical aid for them.


Whether you prefer to have a conventional name tag or microchipping your pet, ensuring their identification is crucial. Don’t forget to include your contact details in it so that you can be reached out to in case need be.

Emergency Kit:

Keep a well-stocked emergency kit ready. This can include anything from first-aid, medicines, to even contact details in some form. While you keep one ready, make sure to keep it in a place that can be quickly accessed!

A Handy Pet Carrier:

Should there be a need to evacuate, it’ll be best to secure your pet in a pet carrier they are familiar with. This will also help a great deal in keeping them calm.

Note Hiding Spaces:

Take note of spaces where your pet usually hides when in distress. In case there’s an unforeseen discomfort and your pet is out of sight checking their usual hiding space can be a great idea!

A Towel/Blanket and Lots of Newspapers:

Especially in case of a flood, keeping your pet warm and dry can be one of the greatest challenges you face. So always keep a towel or a blanket and lots of old newspapers well in stock and easy to reach.

With this list, you will be ready in your house, should a natural disaster ever strike. Having said that, don’t forget to keep calm yourself as your pet can be majorly affected by your emotions!

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