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Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a place that's dedicated to animals, populated only by people who love them? Well, that place is here! Whether you're here to dive into a world of quality writing, to talk about your own opinions and experiences, or simply to connect with like-minded people, to you we say: welcome home. Let's get started!

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How Lions Live, Love, and Lead in the Wild

This World Lion Day, learn what it's like to be king of the jungle! How do they go from being adorable cubs to mighty hunters? Let's explore their circle of life!

Jeevoka Buzz

Voices of Concern: International Experts Raise Alarms over Cheetah Deaths in India's Project Cheetah

Experts from South Africa and Namibia raise concerns over cheetah deaths in India's Project Cheetah, citing lack of consultation and transparency.

Jeevoka Buzz

The Tiger Tale — The Evolution and Importance of Tigers Through History

How long have tigers been around? What role do they play in our culture? Why should we protect them? Get to know your favourite large cats better this International Tiger Day!

Jeevoka Buzz

The Masters of Mimicry in The Animal Kingdom

Survival is a serious business in the animal kingdom. Sometimes, these animals have to play dirty and trick other beings through some good old mimicry to get by!

Jeevoka Buzz

From Spectacle to Compassion: Rethinking Animal Ethics in Entertainment

Analysing circuses, zoos, and aquariums while discovering alternative approaches for a more compassionate future. Explore the ethical implications of animals in entertainment.

Seema Nande

Meet the Predators That the Animals of the Savannah Fear the Most

If you were an animal living in the savanna, what would you fear the most: a lion's roar, a dog's bark, or a gunshot?

Jeevoka Buzz

Delhi’s Bat Population On A Steep Decline, Here’s Why

Four bat species in Delhi have truly become one with the shadows, having disappeared entirely from their habitats.

Jeevoka Buzz

The Story Of A Heroic Army Dog Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Her Handler

A tribute to Kent, the brave canine who saved her human companion from a terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jeevoka Buzz

World's Loneliest Lion Rescued and Rehomed After 5 Years Of Isolation

Journeying from his concrete cage to the African grasslands, Ruben the lion inspires all as he begins his new life — with freedom, joy, and family!

Jeevoka Buzz

A Sick Leopard Falls Victim to Human Cruelty And Harassment in MP

A seemingly passive wild leopard attracts the fascinaion and abuse of a group of villagers, who see the animal's plight as a means of fun and entertainment.

Jeevoka Buzz

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