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Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a place that's dedicated to animals, populated only by people who love them? Well, that place is here! Whether you're here to dive into a world of quality writing, to talk about your own opinions and experiences, or simply to connect with like-minded people, to you we say: welcome home. Let's get started!

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6 Amazing Reasons To Admire Migrating Birds

A reminder of the many skills and strengths of our feathered friends this World Migratory Bird Day!

Jeevoka Buzz

The Journey of a Centenarian Tortoise: Rediscovering a Species

Discover the incredible rediscovery of the Fernandina Giant Tortoise, a species once thought extinct for over 100 years, and the successful conservation efforts that led to the find.

Seema Nande

When Elephants and Humans Collide: Protecting Both Species

The Oscar-winning documentary, "The Elephant Whisperers", says a thing or two about human-elephant relationships, which have taken a turn for the worse in recent times. Let's turn the tables.

Jeevoka Buzz

The Power of Love: How Wildlife Mate for Life

Many animals mate for life, forming strong bonds with their partners. From swans to foxes, sea otters to wolves, these species show the power of love. These bonds remind us of the importance of lo

Jeevoka Buzz

From Spectacle to Compassion: Rethinking Animal Ethics in Entertainment

Analysing circuses, zoos, and aquariums while discovering alternative approaches for a more compassionate future. Explore the ethical implications of animals in entertainment.

Seema Nande

Animal Moms and the Wholesome Ways They Protect Their Young

Their love language is ‘safety first’ — take a sweet look at motherhood in the animal kingdom

Jeevoka Buzz

6 Animals With Incredible ‘Sixth Sense’!

Can animals predict natural disasters? Can they sense ghosts? What do they know that we don't? Here are 6 animals that can sense things beyond your imagination!

Jeevoka Buzz

6 Female Animal Behaviours That Prove That Women Are the Reason These Species Thrive

What happens when women lead the way? These 6 female animals are here to show you how #GrrlPower runs the show in the animal kingdom!

Jeevoka Buzz

7 Animals That Made an Epic Comeback From the Brink of Extinction

These animals said "No, not today", and came back from the brink of extinction — stronger than ever! Meet the heroes who teach us that it's possible to overcome even the direst of circumstances!

Jeevoka Buzz

The Heartbreaking Reality: A Look at the Animals Affected by the Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

The recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey has had a devastating impact on animals, leaving many injured, homeless, and in need of care. Read about the challenges faced by these animals!

Jeevoka Buzz

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