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Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a place that's dedicated to animals, populated only by people who love them? Well, that place is here! Whether you're here to dive into a world of quality writing, to talk about your own opinions and experiences, or simply to connect with like-minded people, to you we say: welcome home. Let's get started!

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A Sneak Peek into Translucent Animals

Why are some animals transparent? Let's take a quick glance at 10 bizarre but gorgeous see through animals... since we can anyway peek into them, let's go!

Radha Velankar

How to Not Break Your Pet Bird’s Heart

The paradox between the rising number of bought and abandoned pet birds is only intensifying. The result? Broken hearts. First time pet parents, here's a guide on how to spare the pain.

Seema Nande

An Insight Into Animal Adaptations

Nature is full of exciting different species—some may be weird from the start, but some have evolved and adapted themselves as per their needs. Here's a sneak peak of those adaptations!

raksha kulkarni

Our Ecosystem is in Danger

Each & every one should take a necessary step to save our Ecosystem

Arun Prakash Tiwari

Lion Pride: Eat, Prey, Live

'The King of the Beasts' - a Lion is a diverse symbol of diligence and might. Lion Pride has some really interesting facts that we've skipped reading about in our childhood.

Radha Velankar

The Sinister Trade and Sacrifice of the Indian Owl Species

On August 4th, International Owl Awareness Day, WWF and TRAFFIC released an image of the 16 most trafficked owl species in India. Let’s learn more about these species and the reason behind it.

raksha kulkarni

Beauty and Bounty – Megadiverse Countries From Around the World

Their biodiversity is enormous and completely awe-inspiring. These megadiverse countries and its palette of innumerable lifeforms is truly enchanting.

Jeevoka Buzz

The Forgotten Dogs of India

In a country full of people who “adopt”/buy foreign dog breeds I would like to highlight some of the forgotten dog breeds of India.

Pooja Chavan

Cheetahs Are Coming to India After 70 Years

They have been locally extinct since 1952. Now the spotted cheetahs are being reintroduced in MP's Kuno National Park.

Jeevoka Buzz

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