Tips to Help Your Animal Remain Stress-Free This Diwali!

10 handy tips that you, as a pet parent, can take note of to ease your pet's stress this Diwali.

As we embark a week of festivities with much zeal and enthusiasm, let’s bear in mind the fact that it is also one of the most stressful times of the year for animals. Every year, pet-parents experience perturbing incidents of their pet during Diwali: staying put under the bed, not leaving a particular room, loss of appetite to even tremors. Firecrackers with their light and sound properties can be really anguishing for pets beyond our imagination, to say the least. While there’s little that we can do about situations outside our homes, we can definitely take control of what’s inside!

1) As the festivities near, start getting your pets used to the sound of firecrackers by playing pre-recorded sounds of fireworks. Begin slow.

2) Your pet reciprocates your emotions, so it’s important for you to stay calm. Your stress will have your pet stressing out as well, so stay calm!

3) Minimise the exterior sound by closing doors and windows. You can also distract your pet by playing music or running a white noise machine. Depending on your pet’s tolerance, considering soundproofing a room is a great idea, too.

4) While you may be on a holiday, ensure you stick to your pet’s routine (if not yours!). This will help maintain the normalcy of every day for your pet.

5) Draw the curtains. Flashing lights from firecrackers could also cause your pet anxiety

6) Find ways to distract your pet — puzzles or a fun, time-consuming activity could help take your pet’s mind off the light and loud noises.

7) Keep a bowl of water at the ready. Anxious panting can make your pet thirsty. 

8) Tire your pet out. A tired animal is too sleepy to be anxious.

9) Give them a safe space. Set up a dark, quiet spot in your house for your dog to hide in. 

10) Last but not least, anxious pets may try to run away, make sure your pet has a collar and ID tags.

Follow the above tips to ease your pet into the festivities. Together, you can enjoy a happy and safe Diwali!

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