dog care

Senior Dog Care 101

Dogs are unique in their own ways, and so are their senior years. Caring for your older dog doesn't have to be daunting if you are well-prepared.

Arjun Sharma

Puppy Care Guide

Puppies bring lots of happiness and action in our lives with their mischievous innocence. Are you ready to get your bundle of joy? Let's get you ready for one incredible phase of your life!

raksha kulkarni

Simple Things You Can Do to Show your Dog You Love Them

Giving treats or showering your dogs with loads of kisses is not the only way to express your love. Various studies have proved some other methods that you can try.

raksha kulkarni

Prepping Your Pet for Winter — Everything You Need to Know!

Here's all that you need to know to keep your pet warm and comfy during the winter!

Jeevoka Buzz

dog care

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