Career Options for Animal Lovers

Do you love animals to the extent that you wish to also have a career revolving around them? Your wish can be turned into reality. Here’s how!

Most people struggle in a career that is poles apart from their passion, running after practical and easier solutions forgetting their passion. One such case is that of those having an immense love for animals often wondering 'how happy we would be if we could be with them for a living.' But sayings like “Do what you love, and money will follow” can help us take the best step. How? Take a cue from this list of a few career paths that offer you the best of both the worlds.

Veterinary Doctor

Turn your interest into the most useful career an animal needs! There’s nothing better than being able to save many lives. A veterinary doctor takes care of vaccinations, surgeries, and everything about an animal’s health. You will need to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science if you choose this as your path. After completing the degree, you can get into research or start working. There are hospitals, NGOs, pet diagnostic laboratories where you can start working. Obviously, this option is not for the faint-hearted! But, you get to work with animals round the clock, all your life. There’s another position of a Veterinary Assistant that you may choose. This person is responsible for helping the vet, attending enquiries, and calming the tensed pet.

Wildlife Photographer

Nowadays, the opportunities for photographers have really increased. If you’re in love with both your camera and animals, this is the one for you! Wildlife photographers spend most of their time in the forests and wait patiently to capture some of nature’s greatest work. You don’t need a specific degree to pursue this as a career. But, an education about photography definitely can come in handy! After deciding, you may work as a freelancer or for a company. There are several publication houses, production houses, and TV or news channels that you can approach. Not only wildlife, but you may also choose to become a pet photographer as well. A pet photographer clicks photos of pets, which is a great way of gifting someone memories!

Pet Groomer

A job of a pet groomer is definitely not easy as it seems, but it does get better when you love animals! Clipping nails, bathing the pet, and styling are some things a pet groomer does. There are some certificate courses that teach you the required skills. Post the course, you can work with veterinary doctors or in animal salons. You also may offer house calls or run your business from home.

Wildlife Conservationist

This field is gaining attention as the need for it is rising. Currently, there is extreme wildlife exploitation and destruction. A wildlife conservationist studies climate patterns and animal populations. They thrive to protect the forests and the wildlife. There is a degree in Forestry and Wildlife Conservation, which prepares you with the required knowledge. Jobs as a conservationist include research, analyzing data, conducting surveys, and coming up with long-term solutions.


They are people who take care of the lives in an aquarium. They have to feed the fish and the tank animals regularly and maintain the hygiene of the tank. This job needs a degree in either Zoology, Biology, Botany, or Veterinary Sciences. You may get job opportunities in aquariums, zoos, or animal research laboratories.

Animal Trainer

In this niche, there are many options to choose from. You can choose to learn to train a horse for a riding competition or an aquatic animal for shows. You may even learn to train a dog for obedience or for assisting the disabled. There are institutions for such courses. If you excel in them, you may get a chance to work with security forces to train the dogs or in some stables to train the horses.

Pet Sitters

Pet sitters are people who take care of other people’s pets when they’re away. The job includes feeding, walking the dog, and taking care of it as if it’s yours. This is mostly a job where you learn your job on the job. You may get an added benefit if you have prior experience of handling pets. A job of an Animal Caretaker is similar to this, but it makes you open to even more options.

Dog Walker

This job is for people who don’t want to see an animal in distress or study for a medical degree. The job also gives you a little freedom of choosing your own work hours. All you need is some previous experience in handling dogs. Do your research about how much dog walkers charge in your area. Later, you can advertise about your services.

When you work in the field of your liking, you are satisfied in life. Not to mention, animals are the epitome of happiness. Having read this post now, go ahead, choose your path, and stick to it!

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