How Do I Get Rid of Ticks in My House?

One of the biggest problems that plague all pet owners is parasite control. Here’s how you can ensure that your pet and home both stay tick and flea-free!

As the season changes, annually, one of the biggest problems that plague all pet owners is Parasite Control. Ticks and fleas suddenly start showing up on dogs and can create quite a menace. Both ticks and fleas should be handled swiftly because they can cause further diseases that can be dangerous to the wellbeing of your dog.

While prevention is always better than cure, no matter how many times we run preventives on our dogs we always find a stray tick crawling around the house. If we are not vigilant, this one stray can rapidly multiply and end up infesting the nooks and crannies in your homes.

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So how do you manage this?

  • First and foremost, ticks usually come into the house via the dog. So before anything else, you need to check your dog to make sure he/she has none. A thorough session of de-ticking, preferably done by a groomer, is recommended. 
  • While de-ticking, pull them out very carefully. Tweezers work too as you can get the teeth and legs out fully and then make sure you put them in a mug of Savlon or detergent before flushing them down.

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  • Post-de-ticking, a good preventive treatment should be repeated to protect your dog.
  • Once this is done, schedule a full pest control for your home: speak to the pest control professional and inform them that you specifically need something for ticks.
  • You can also use natural essential oils in your floor cleaner. These help as deterrents.
  • When doing pest control, pay attention to corners and crannies and even soft furnishings like sofas. 
  • Going ahead, always check your dog regularly. Natural oils like eucalyptus and citronella mixed with coconut oil can be applied regularly. Pay attention to paw pads, especially on walks.

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  • Speak to your Veterinarian about the latest treatments available to control and manage ticks and fleas. Stay updated on those treatments.

With a little bit of care and regular attention, you can ensure that your pet and home both stay tick and flea-free!

Tanya Kane

Tanya Kane

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