Animals in Your Dreams?

Dreams can be so confusing! Even more if they have an animal in it. In this post, we decode some meanings of animals in dreams. Read to know about your dreams with Snakes and other animals!

You may have heard that dreams are nothing but the thoughts of your subconscious mind. While you are in your slumber and your conscious mind isn’t working, your subconscious mind is wide awake putting together imagery from our memories and random thoughts. This makes dreams more important than you would imagine. Why, you ask? Well, there have been several studies where dreams have been an efficient avenue to determine what we really desire, our mental and emotional health, and thus what we really are. As mystical as this may sound, the fact that it is strongly backed by science may make you want to consider otherwise.

Effectively, that means every dream signifies something — hidden fears, desires… it could be an endless list. From nightmares to dreams you wish never ended, dreams are often objectified by people, locations, times, and even animals. While every object holds a specific meaning, in today’s post, we talk about the meaning of animals in dreams! Yes, in this post, we’ll tell you what that snake and the white horse you dreamt of mean. Take note because experts believe that dreaming of animals can offer glimpses deep into your psyche!

Disclaimer: These are only the general indications of every animal listed. Factors like the animal’s breed, habitat, mood, behaviour, and language, among others, also play a crucial role in determining the exact meaning of the dream.

  • Snake

One of the most common reptile in dreams, a snake or snakes indicate psychic energy. It is typically a sign for you to activate your senses that influence your feelings, instincts, and urges. If the dream is about a snake biting you, you probably should beware of whom you’re trusting. An outgrowth is represented by a dream of a snake shedding skin. All in all, snakes in dreams call for the need to be aware of your surroundings as snakes are extremely affected by their environments.

  • Ants

What are ants classified as? Bugs! That’s what’s there to ants in dreams — you are being “bugged” or irritated by something. It could either mean being irritated by some pending work that needs you to push yourself harder to complete it. Ants symbolise hard work and that means you need to get it done to achieve that goal you want to accomplish!

  • Horse

Mostly conveying good things, a horse in your dream is a sign of a raise — raise in status. It indicates becoming stronger, more powerful, an increased endurance and virility and also a heightened sexual prowess! Many also believe that it strongly resonates with the tamed nature of the horse who’s naturally a wild animal, full of power.

  • Bear

Symbolising calm and power, dreaming of bears possibly indicates introspection. Further, the activity of the bear can help you assess the meaning better; a sleeping or hibernating bear poses the need to introspect your thoughts and ideas more before you let others in on it. A chasing bear indicates the need to face issues you have been running from. Essentially, a bear in your dream means you need to unleash your strength and capability for the win that awaits!

  • Lion

Two possibilities of a lion in your dream: jealousy of your majesty and pride and lies. The King of the Jungle, lion personifies grandeur, majesty, pride and power. You dreaming of this King could be a potential resonation to your traits and someone not too happy about it and thus lies. You are possibly getting lied to, or you are lying to someone to conceal something majestic.

  • Cat

Feminine power, spiritual guardianship, and esoteric knowledge are some things a cat dream means. One of the strongest indications of diving deep into your psyche - a place that could be dark. Darkness is one aspect that cats are well savvy of, a spot that can actually be a treasure trove of potential, magic and wonderment! While most cats would symbolise this, a tamed cat may indicate the need for comfort and security.

  • Dog

This one’s almost a no-brainer if you are even remotely familiar with animal traits. A dog is synonym to loyalty and friendship, however, what the dog is doing in your dream can tell more about the dream. Being bitten by a dog means you may be guilty of something; dog barks in your dream could signify disturbing gossip about yourself; an attack by a dog indicates impulsiveness the need to take it one day at a time!

  • Bees

To think of it, what comes to your mind first when you think bees? Buzz? Swarm? Network? That’s right, and that’s exactly what bees in dreams denote. To put it all together, bees signify a buzzing network of communication. In fact, to make it a little more obvious think “Busy Bee” as that’s all a dream about bees indicates!

  • Elephant

How aware are you of your current reality? If not much, you are likely to dream of an elephant. It is possibly a sign to pay closer attention to some things that are very obvious but overlooked by you. Apart from that an elephants’ physical traits like power, stead-fastness and sovereignty, too, are the implications of the dream.

  • Lizard

Another popular reptile that many dream about is the lizard. Dreaming about a lizard typically indicates caution — caution in communication and dealings. If you are experiencing tension in certain situations, the dream is also a sign to stay resolute and grounded. Given their swift nature, however, the sign can also mean the need to take quick decisions to thrive and survive!

To conclude, we say dreams with animals in it are indeed one of the most beautiful insights into your current state of reality. These fast-paced lives that we live often leave us with little time to sit down and reflect on how we have been feeling. Not to mention, these dreams are also a great way to take next favourable steps in whatever situation that you are in. Many people are also known to journal down dreams to keep a track of their psyche. And then, it all comes down to good sleep — on that note, here’s wishing you sleep well!

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