5 Ways Dogs Make The World A Better Place!

This International Dog Day, let’s celebrate the qualities that make our favourite furballs so wonderful and lovable!

Jeevoka Buzz

The Heartbreaking Reality: A Look at the Animals Affected by the Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

The recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey has had a devastating impact on animals, leaving many injured, homeless, and in need of care. Read about the challenges faced by these animals!

Jeevoka Buzz

The Forgotten Dogs of India

In a country full of people who “adopt”/buy foreign dog breeds I would like to highlight some of the forgotten dog breeds of India.

Pooja Chavan

Senior Dog Care 101

Dogs are unique in their own ways, and so are their senior years. Caring for your older dog doesn't have to be daunting if you are well-prepared.

Arjun Sharma

Dogs on Wheels: The First Train Journey

Dogs can get stressed during their first train journey. Learn how to plan ahead and ensure your dogs necessities are taken care of!

Aaditee Kulkarni

All You Need to Know About Pet Microchipping

Realising that your pet is missing can be terrifying. However, there's a way to make sure they are found. Let's take a look at it!

Aaditee Kulkarni

Grooming and Your Pet During the Lockdown

If you and your best friend are missing your local groomer, here's how you can take matters into your own hands and improve your bond with your dog!

Ketki Bhosale

A Bone-y Situation

Bones - Yay? or Nay?

Rohit Joseph

Animals in Your Dreams?

Dreams can be so confusing! Even more if they have an animal in it. In this post, we decode some meanings of animals in dreams. Read to know about your dreams with Snakes and other animals!

Jeevoka Buzz

Choking and Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies in Pets

Curious pets and dangerous foreign objects… here are some signs to clue you in that your pet may have swallowed something they weren’t supposed to!

Indrakshi Banerji


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