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It was while pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration that I came across RESQ. While volunteering there, I realised how much I enjoyed working with animals, so much that it took the form of my current profession as a Pet Groomer at Paws Pack; It was my first job and there has been no turning back ever since! Been in Pune for the last 20 years, I also pursue my hobby of pet photography when I am not travelling with my pet dogs. A foodie at heart, my love for food extends to cooking interesting treats for my pet dogs!

The Magical World of Cat Colours

From tabby to tortoiseshell to grey to cinnamon, there's a plethora of cat colours — a plethora that's nothing short of magic! Read on to know all about it.

Rupal Zingde

Do Cats Need to be Groomed?

As a groomer, I believe all cats should be desensitized towards grooming sessions despite the fact that they are self-groomers. Here’s why grooming's important for your cat’s health and wellbeing

Rupal Zingde