A Pet for Every Personality! What's Yours?

The joy of pet-parenting is two-way. Your personality can further play an important role in determining a suitable pet for you to ensure its BEST care and responsibility. Find out more!

We all would agree that the joy of having a pet is unparalleled. Whether it is the unconditional love, the pleasure in nurturing and seeing a life grow to sharing your secrets to someone better to trust than a human—a pet gives you the chance to do all this and more. You may be drawn towards the loyalty of a dog, the amour propre of a cat, the selfsufficiency of a fit, or the playfulness of a lizard, but did you know your personality too can be the right draw; moreover, your personality can well determine your capability to pet an animal right. Here's a list of pets best suitable for personality traits listed under them. After all, bear in mind that having a pet is a responsibility often underrated by most!


  • You value friendship
  • Time is not an unmanageable issue for you
  • There's fair enough space in your house
  • You are quite energetic
  • Finances are sorted


  • You love beings with their own mind
  • Over dependency is not your thing
  • A cosy space is your idea of home
  • Laidback and lazy are what best describe you
  • Cleanliness is a pre-requisite for you when it comes to 


  • Have a thing for intelligence and don't mind your conversations being eavesdropped on
  • You aren't the best person when it comes to homework
  • An easy life is your ideal life
  • You aren't a very high maintenance person
  • Forgetting things is one trait you want to change about yourself


  • You love being in fun company
  • Love makes your world go round
  • Visual entertainment boosts your mood when you are sad
  • Smartness inspires you
  • You are looking for a lifelong companion


  • Strange and unusual often find your fancy
  • Your friends best describe you as "interesting"
  • Anything that requires a lot of attention sets you off
  • Wildness blossoms in your spirit
  • Anti-social is your second nature

Guniea Pig

  • You love being around lively beings
  • Entertainment is something you always seek
  • You are always on the lookout of a mood elevator
  • You prefer clean and independent beings
  • Emotional development is something you have been working on


  • Carefree: your second name
  • You seek lifelong relationships
  • Cuddling is not your idea of love
  • Fresh air and sunshine make you happy
  • Quietude is your bliss

With that, you now know what pet best suits your personality. So go on and embark on the joy of being a pet owner. Having said that, don't forget that every pet, no matter what species, is a responsibility - a duty you need to duly fulfil!

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