Blind Dogs See With Their Heart

A poem about the life of a blind Husky puppy that I adopted after she was discarded by a breeder.

Brought into this world by reckless breeders,
She was discarded for her lack of sight.
Yet there's no darkness in her world,
For she's never known the shades of light.

She's mapped out her surroundings,
She runs confidently around,
She even chases the cats,
When their bells make the slightest sound.

She wags when she hears my footsteps,
She diligently follows my claps,
And when she senses I've sat down,
She makes a dash for my lap!

She sniffs her way to the table,
Her nose finds its way to the tea,
She enjoys every squeal she induces,
And then rolls over her belly in glee.

There's a sense of sadness in the house,
For no one wants her to lose her pretty eyes,
There's really nothing else left to do or say,
Because I know the surgery is going to take her pain away.

She's going to look like a Husky running in her sleep,
But there will only be joy.. for she cannot weep.
You may not see, but you will always feel,
That life, little Maya, is a beautiful dream.

Don't buy puppies from irresponsible and unregistered breeders. You can help save so many Mayas from this fate.

Neha Panchamiya

Neha Panchamiya

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I am Founder and President of RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune, that provides aid to over 15,000+ animals every year. I believe that my style of work in the field of Animal Welfare can be described as ‘Proactive Activism driven by Action that is passionate yet professional and practical’. I also work with governmental and non-governmental entities alike, to influence changes in strategy, policy and work implementation with an aim to help animals beyond her organisations reach and with a long-term goal of reducing human-animal conflict. Besides my extensive work and experience in animal welfare, I juggle several roles through the day – A self-taught freelancing Graphic Designer and Media Consultant, Managing Committee Member of the Pune District SPCA, Hon. Advisor to the Maharashtra State Animal Welfare Board, a doting Mother and more!
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