A Sick Leopard Falls Victim to Human Cruelty And Harassment in MP

A seemingly passive wild leopard attracts the fascinaion and abuse of a group of villagers, who see the animal's plight as a means of fun and entertainment.

Wild animals are not meant to be treated as objects of entertainment or curiosity. They deserve respect and compassion, especially when they are sick or injured. However, a recent incident in Madhya Pradesh shows how some people can be ignorant and cruel towards wild animals, putting both animal and human lives at risk.

On Tuesday, a male leopard was found in a critical condition near a village in Dewas district. The leopard, who was suffering from some brain disorder, was surrounded by a group of villagers, who took selfies with him and even tried to ride on him. Some men can be spotted holding sticks, while others touch the unresisting animal. The shocking videos of this incident have gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and condemnation from animal lovers and activists.

What is even more appalling is that some people on X (formerly Twitter) made fun of the situation, claiming that the tiger was ‘intoxicated’ in the video.

You can watch the video here!

A photo realistic image of a leopard resting on a rock in a natural setting. The leopard has a spotted coat and is looking directly at the camera. The rock is covered in moss and lichen. The background consists of trees and foliage, which are blurred and out of focus. The image has a blueish tone, giving it a cool and serene mood.

The forest department rescued the leopard and admitted him to a zoo in Indore city on Wednesday. The leopard, who is about 10 years old, is battling for life, as his body is stiffening and he is getting seizure attacks every 20 minutes. The veterinarians suspect that the leopard has some neurological problem, namely 'canine distemperment', that affects his behaviour.

The forest official who rescued the leopard said that he was surprised by the leopard’s passive reaction to the villagers’ harassment. He said that no matter how weak or sick big cats are, they never give up their natural instinct of self-defence when they are in trouble. He also said that the villagers will be warned not to go near any sick wild animal in future for their own safety.

This incident highlights the dangers of human ignorance and mistreatment of wild animals. Exploiting them for entertainment is illegal and unethical. It harms the animals’ welfare and conservation, as well as human health and safety!

The Importance Of Wildlife Awareness

This event is one of many that calls for more wildlife awareness and education among the public, especially in rural areas where human-wildlife conflict is more common. Wildlife awareness and education can help people understand the value and importance of wildlife, and the consequences of their actions on wildlife. It can also help encourage them to have a positive attitude towards wild animals and contribute to conservation efforts. Some ways to raise wildlife awareness include:

  • Spreading wildlife awareness among friends, family members, and the school community
  • Participating in wildlife camps
  • Supporting the efforts of organizations that work to protect wildlife from the illegal pet trade and other threats
  • Advocating for stronger laws and regulation

Through these actions, we can make a difference for the millions of wild animals that are suffering from human ignorance and mistreatment!

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