Commonly Found Birds in Indian Cities

Why go bird-watching at some jungle far away? If you're starting birding, start from your own city! There are numerous bird species just around you.

When we think of birds in the city, we immediately imagine sparrows, crows, or pigeons, but there are so many other beauties right in front of us that we forget to notice. Here’s a quick guide to help you identify your co-existing feathered friends.

Black Kite

A Black Kite looking for its next prey

Black Kites are one of the most frequently seen raptors in Indian cities. They are great hunters and mostly are found scavenging on leftovers near water bodies. These are medium-sized birds of prey that you see circling in the city skies. These kites can be identified by their dark plumage, yellow claws, and by their unique shrill call.

Common Myna

These brown birds can be identified easily because of their distinctive yellow eye patch and yellow beak. These generally feed on the ground and are seen in various habitats. These are usually noisy and hard to miss!

Rose-ringed Parakeet

These are the most commonly found species in India, which is why they're also called the Indian Ringneck Parrot. The parakeets are sadly also famous in the pet trade market. They can be identified by their green slim body, bright red beak, and the ring around their neck. They are very social and mostly fly in flocks.

White-Throated Kingfisher

As the name goes, these are commonly found around water bodies and in neighbouring areas. The White-throated Kingfisher is the commonest and most adaptive of all kingfisher species. This species can be identified by their bright red beak, bright turquoise upperparts, white throat, and their chestnut-coloured head and belly.

Red-Vented Bulbul

These stout bulbuls can be identified by their black crested head and white feathers with the red-colored rump. These cheerful birds generally make their appearance in pairs or flocks. They are highly adaptive and are spread over in almost every habitat.

Green Bee-eater

These small green birds have a characteristic long beak and long central tail feathers. They have beautiful blue cheeks and a black eye line. They are known for their graceful aerial acrobats that they perform while catching insects in the air. Bee-eaters are specifically seen sitting in a line on wires, in large flocks.

Black Drongo

These blue-black glossy birds are commonly seen guarding their territories. Their long forked tail makes them easily noticeable. They are bold and aggressive in nature. Their calls are mostly harsh calls or sometimes an impression of other bird calls.

Asian Koel

These birds are confused with crows because of their similar looks, but the cuckoo’s bright red eyes are a giveaway. The males have full black bodies.

The females have brown bodies with white streaks on it.

A Female Asian Koel

These birds are frequently hidden in bushes, but their distinctive call indicates their location.

Robert Lynd rightly said, "In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence". So, let's all start noticing these beautiful little miracles of nature!

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