Animal Cruelty

A Sick Leopard Falls Victim to Human Cruelty And Harassment in MP

A seemingly passive wild leopard attracts the fascinaion and abuse of a group of villagers, who see the animal's plight as a means of fun and entertainment.

Jeevoka Buzz

World Day for Laboratory Animals

The tales of the pain endured by laboratory animals are horrifying, but awareness and campaigning in recent years is giving these animals a gleam of hope.

Aaditee Kulkarni

Consumer Ethics for Animal Right Believers

Here's a shocking list of products you've been using, possibly unaware of the fact that they are made using animal parts!

raksha kulkarni

7 Facts About Elephants We Bet You Never Knew!

There’s so much more to Elephants facts than just “the largest land mammal”; 7 facts right here, we are pretty sure you didn’t know of!

Jeevoka Buzz

Your Guide to Feeding Stray Animals... Responsibly!

Like all things, there’s a right and wrong way to feed stray animals. Read on to know how to feed stray animals responsibly for both human and animal welfare!

Seema Nande

Animal Rescue Has No Age Limit...

It's been an adventure rescuing animals. Here's my journey so far!

Diksha Thakkar


A small, slightly angry, descriptive rant about why breeding pugs to preserve their "characteristic" traits is animal cruelty.

Malvika Nair

Steve Irwin - A Showman? Or A Passionate Wildlife Conservationist?

Steve Irwin was an inspiration to so many, but the scathing attacks on his work and methods raise the question “How should Steve Irwin be remembered?”

Ketki Bhosale


A short piece, dedicated to all the Free Beagles on World Freedom Day.

Malvika Nair

How Non-Veganism Contributes to Human Rights Violations

“You’re thinking of going vegan? But what about farmers? Slaughterhouse workers will lose their jobs!” Here’s why I think non-veganism actually contributes towards human suffering.

Apoorva Katpatal

Animal Cruelty

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