A Sick Leopard Falls Victim to Human Cruelty And Harassment in MP

A seemingly passive wild leopard attracts the fascinaion and abuse of a group of villagers, who see the animal's plight as a means of fun and entertainment.

Jeevoka Buzz

Leopard vs. Jaguar - Comparing the two big cats!

The leopard and jaguar's colour, fur print and built might look similar, but the two are actually quite different. Here are some differences that will help you tell them apart!

Aaditee Kulkarni

Understanding the Elusive Clouded Leopards

Clouded Leopard is an endangered big cat due to habitat loss. Surprisingly, it was recently found at an altitude of 3498 metres—way higher than its usual habitat—in the Langtang National Park.

raksha kulkarni

Climate Change Jeopardises Survival of Snow Leopards

Climate change as a result of global warming is causing habitat loss to animals and thus endangering species like the snow leopard. Here’s how!

Jeevoka Buzz

Tough Catch!

Dare to watch a real game of catch? Here's why heading into the woods can be a great choice. From camouflage to brute force, this is as real as it gets!

Surabhi Ganguly

Climbing up Higher

Even the jungle has its fair share of good and poor climbers. Sadly, growing urbanisation is not only going to limit the tree-climbing experiences of children today, but also that of wildlife.

Surabhi Ganguly