A short piece, dedicated to all the Free Beagles on World Freedom Day.

November 9 - World Freedom Day  




Beagles used for pharmaceutical laboratory testing that are released

from their labs and free from confinement. Free Beagles. 

World Freedom Day marks the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It marks the freedom of movement received by millions of struggling people. Free to move where they wanted and live how they wanted. A historic event to celebrate freedom from confinement. Yes, the purpose of this introduction is to draw a parallel to Freagles all over the world. Freedom from confinement, freedom from torture, freedom from slavery.

Beagles, being medium-small dogs whose genetics are similar to that of a human, are the most popular dog breed used in animal clinical trials — the word ‘clinical’ applies to every aspect of their lives. Clinical lights, not sunlight. Clinical food, not treats. Clinical hands, not head scratches.
Yes, animal testing has been decreasing; however, is still very prevalent in the cosmetics and household products industry. Beagles are mostly used for toxicology studies to assess the effect of these chemicals (used by humans) if they were to enter the body in large doses. To do so, these chemicals and products are pumped into the beagles, poisoning and torturing them in the process. Pumped into their eyes, noses, throats and on their skin. Most old laboratory beagles are blind due to the number of products that are tested on their eyes. The symptoms of this poison and torture are then printed on the back of our shampoo bottles and window cleaners — something we read when we forget to take our phones to the toilet and are bored “Can cause blindness if product enters eyes, please see a doctor if irritation persists”.
Like light shining through the cracks, freedom can find a way. Sometimes laboratories release beagles after a certain age. Other times, there have even been situations around the world where beagles have been released by laboratories to animal care foundations on the condition that they (the laboratories) remain anonymous to the public. These conditions are accepted for the value of the lives rescued. Then, these Freagles are thrust into the outside world, awaiting the kindness of anyone willing to give them the best few years of living, to make up for the ones they lost.
Laboratory beagles lack an environment that ensures proper emotional and physical development. Released and rescued laboratory beagles are usually very overwhelmed creatures. Their behaviour would probably be different from what is expected of the jumpy extroverted breed. Raised their whole lives in a cage, with the only human interaction being a negative experience, they may be shy or scared of people. They may have various physical ailments due to years of abuse. Rescued Freagles are usually looking for a forever home, however, even adopting a Freagle can be a slightly different experience. They require extra patience, care, and gentle handling.
Despite their dark, dark pasts, they are beautiful, loving, golden little souls. The acceptance of the love given to them and the trust they are willing to place in humankind once more is humbling. The strength they possess to overcome their confusion, their habits, their traumas, and replace it with the willingness to accept love makes them superheroes. An Animal Needs Charity based in Pune called RESQ Charitable Trust thought so too. They received 21 Freagles, who had previously only been assigned numbered identities, and named them after superheroes before rehoming them, and they wear them so well — Superfreagles!


superfreagles at resq charitable trust, 2017

Freagles, this day is to celebrate your freedom. This historic day that celebrates the right to move and live life as you want to — it celebrates your right to live and move. This day that celebrates freedom from confinement celebrates your freedom from confinement.
To all the Freagles all around the world, Happy World Freedom Day!
Malvika Nair

Malvika Nair

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