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Yo! I am an intersectional feminist and a vegan who happens to be a lawyer. I wish to use my academics, skills, experiences, and my intersectional privilege for the liberations (or at least my participation in em) of the marginalised communities - currently using those for the largest discriminated category, i.e. non-human animals. I super hope to use law as an instrumentality of change - for animals and for marginalised human communities like women (there are those who haven't reached the 'glass ceiling' and my trans-sisters are still struggling to be called a woman nuff so it's a long battle), queers, and sexual abuse survivors. I'm a vegan and doing awesome health-wise, except my tolerance for unsolicited opinions/conversations and uniformed privileged opinions runs in negatives. I like to chill by myself, and the 2.5 peeps I've in life. #DeathInMyMetalNotOnMyPlate

How Non-Veganism Contributes to Human Rights Violations

“You’re thinking of going vegan? But what about farmers? Slaughterhouse workers will lose their jobs!” Here’s why I think non-veganism actually contributes towards human suffering.

Apoorva Katpatal