The Benefits of Growing Up With Pets

The more I watch my daughter, the more I am convinced that you are blessed if you get to grow up surrounded by pets. From learning values to developing respect and empathy, here’s my take on it!

The more I watch my daughter, the more I am convinced that you are blessed if you get to grow up surrounded by pets. The bond that has developed over the years cannot be justified with words. But maybe if I can make a strong enough case, you may consider taking the plunge even though it definitely adds to the list of responsibilities as a parent.

My daughter with Yuki, our beloved rescue dog.

Allergies and Overall Immunity

It is a known fact that children born into and grown up in homes with animals build a strong immune system resilient to allergies, asthma and eczemas. The exposure to animals from infancy provides controlled exposure that helps them to continuously build up resistance. In fact, if you have a pet through the duration of your pregnancy, your baby will be less likely to develop any such issues because its low-dose exposure has already begun!

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Social Skills

Pets help children unknowingly learn many social skills. Giving everyone a fair chance, sharing, being non-judgemental, patience -- the list is endless. Through pets, children learn immediate feedback. Pets will never lie to you: if they do not like what you are doing, they will communicate the same. These are important lessons in life. A pet will never judge you for how you speak or what you wear, and these attributes become important confidence boosters as children start growing up.

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Cognitive Development

Through fun and games, pets actually help cognitive development in young children. Whether through a simple game of fetch or even a reading session with your pet, they give your child a chance to feel like they are avid problem-solvers and thinkers.

Sara reading a bedtime story with Yuki (who is already fast asleep!) (Image credit: Anshum M Photography)


And for exactly all the reasons above, your pets help build confidence. Children with pets are known to be confident because their pets have been their silent cheerleaders since Day 1!

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Having pets is known to make you empathetic towards all animals, and obviously this quality will also reflect on how you treat other people. A quality that is of extreme importance in today’s world!

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Cycle of Life 

Pets are a great way to expose children to the cycle of life. Starting with birth, they are a great canvas for introduction to responsible sex education. The arrival of a pet is a great opportunity to explain the same. While losing a pet is extremely painful for any family, it is probably more so for a child who has grown up along with that pet. But even through this, pets teach children to accept the cycle of life. It helps them to learn to cope with grief so that in the future they are better equipped in our absence.

And if all of the points above fail to motivate you, I can guarantee a plethora of adorable pictures and memories for life!

Sara capturing precious memories with Yuki... (Image credit: Anshum M Photography)

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