Dogs and Kids

The Benefits of Growing Up With Pets

The more I watch my daughter, the more I am convinced that you are blessed if you get to grow up surrounded by pets. From learning values to developing respect and empathy, here’s my take on it!

Tanya Kane

Bringing Home A Rescued Dog!

Most rescued dogs have been abandoned or were born homeless on the streets. This can wire their behaviour in different patterns. Here's a guide to help you prepare for your new friend’s arrival.

Tanya Kane

Here’s What You Tell a Class of 8-year-olds about How Organizations Begin, Function and Grow!

An outline of my talk to 2nd Grade Students of Indus International School, Pune as a guest speaker for their unit of enquiry about ‘organizations and being organized’.

Neha Panchamiya

Bedtime Tale or Nightmare?

I recently came across a disturbing set of images that made me sick. A children's book titled 'The Unfaithful Dog' encouraged violence and vengeance over kindness and empathy! Here’s my opinion

Tanya Kane