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World Stray Animal Day: A Day in the Life of an Animal NPO Manager

Working with RESQ, Jessica Roberts is privy to several stray animal accidents and incidents. This World Stray Animal Day, we talk to her about her job and more!

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The Sad Reality of Homeless Dogs and Cats in India

With a recent, and one of the first surveys, it was estimated that there are 79.9 million homeless cats and dogs in India. Has this situation reached its worst or do these animals still have hope?

raksha kulkarni

Paw-prints on our conservation efforts?

Why are wildlife experts all around India talking about stray dogs? Read on to see how the humble stray dog is wreaking havoc on our vulnerable fauna


My Journey as a Vet

What lead me to be a Vet

Rohit Joseph

Hunger is universal

Vinothini Kannan

A Haiku for The Scared Indian Stray

Humans rarely consider the fact that stray dogs and other animals are the ones who bear the brunt of our loud celebrations.

Pinakin Kamboj

Your Guide to Feeding Stray Animals... Responsibly!

Like all things, there’s a right and wrong way to feed stray animals. Read on to know how to feed stray animals responsibly for both human and animal welfare!

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stray animals

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