Hunger is universal

Have you ever noticed a dog silently watching you as you eat your sandwich, frankie or panipuri or Icecream from a road side stall? Have you ever wondered what goes through the dogs mind then? He is clueless about why he doesn’t get to eat the stuff you are eating . He doesn’t know money is needed to purchase food. He doesn’t know that the human he is silently watching doesn’t give a second thought to his hunger. All he can do is only stand there in hope that some piece falls off from their frankie or a little drop of melted ice cream drips on the dirty floor which he can lick off the floor then. This post was written after I witnessed a big beautiful dog who was licking the empty frankie paper as I approached to feed him proper dog food. It broke my heart . Do you not think he deserves atleast one proper meal? Isn’t Hunger an universal feeling of all living beings? 
Let’s open our heart. Feed a stray. Contribute to a genuine person. Share. Create awareness. 
Be the Goddess Annapurna to a street dog who has abundance of food for all living beings. 

I have started this mission called Annapurna For Animals to spread awareness, compassion for these hungry beings and to provide them one proper meal a day which comes from each of us. Just one meal a day! 

A dog who isn’t hungry and starving is less likely to be aggressive too. We all can coexist if only we paid a little attention to these truly neglected section of our society. 

Reach out to me if you want to know how you can feed a stray in your vicinity. 

Vinothini Kannan

Vinothini Kannan

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