My Journey as a Vet

What lead me to be a Vet

No special story here, in fact, it's quite a simple one. Growing up I've always been around animals and people who have loved animals. From slowly collecting a box full of animal figurines to being hooked onto The Crocodile Hunter, from almost always having some kind of animal at home (my family has had rabbits, birds, dogs, cats) and when not, spending the maximum amount of my time with the strays of my building, cat and dog. I've never lacked the right kind of animal exposure a child should have. I wanted to grow up to be a Zookeeper and be around wild animals cause that's what fascinated me the most. At this time, I did not even know that there were vet courses available in India. I always assumed people received their education abroad and then came here(yes you may laugh). Only during my 12th boards when my family and I realised I needed to pick a direction I wanted to go into, did I find out that Mumbai had a college and the Parel hospital I had always been visiting was attached to it. As time passed I realised my heart was more into stray animal care, I would spend hours with sick animals, cry when one of my building strays would pass or even when someone tried to displace them. The logic was simple, people had people, pets had their parents but the strays had no one. The realisation only came much later that few organizations were working for them whom I volunteered with as soon as I could or rather was allowed to. WSD( Welfare of Stray Dogs) being a big influencer for me. Going on their weekly first aid and vaccination drives was something I would look forward to every Sunday. Fast forward to the second year of my veterinary science course, I lost my dog who had grown up and old with me. At that point, I doubted and blamed myself, if my decision to become a vet was appropriate. After much consoling and counseling by my family and a new addition to it, I got back onto my path. I'd like to use this as an excuse for my grades and attendance as having still not been sure of what I wanted to do😝. I'd even considered changing fields. Then came the job opportunity by RESQ, Dr. Indrakshi just happened to tell me there was an opening at RESQ and if I knew anyone interested. Turns out it was me itself! My actual vet journey started from there, which reinforced my love for the field. Surgery was never an interest for me or rather a fear, which going for the WVS training majorly helped with. Currently, Head (Management) Vet of RESQCT, I handle a lot of the minute intricacies most vets don't bother with and occasionally hit the OPD and OT when needed. I don't think I'd ask for anything else as this journey has taught me and still teaches me a lot daily.
For aspiring vets - Do not worry if you don't know what you want to do at the end of your course, to be honest, none of us really do. You'll figure it out on the way. ✌️

Rohit Joseph

Rohit Joseph

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Accomplishing short-term goals to reach larger goals have always been the way to go for me. Ever since I was little, I aspired to work with animals as being surrounded by them made me feel most comfortable and at peace. With my heart purely in Shelter/ Stray Medicine, today, as the Head Vet at RESQ Charitable Trust I not only help run Pune’s Largest Animal Organisation but am also living my dream by being a Veterinarian to those who have no-one!