Animal Behaviour

How Lions Live, Love, and Lead in the Wild

This World Lion Day, learn what it's like to be king of the jungle! How do they go from being adorable cubs to mighty hunters? Let's explore their circle of life!

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The Masters of Mimicry in The Animal Kingdom

Survival is a serious business in the animal kingdom. Sometimes, these animals have to play dirty and trick other beings through some good old mimicry to get by!

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The Many Marvellous Abilities Of Crows

From having exceptional memory and adaptability to their creative feeding strategies, crows continue to amaze researchers with what they can do. Here are 8 abilities of crows that will amaze you!

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6 Amazing Reasons To Admire Migrating Birds

A reminder of the many skills and strengths of our feathered friends this World Migratory Bird Day!

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6 Animals With Incredible ‘Sixth Sense’!

Can animals predict natural disasters? Can they sense ghosts? What do they know that we don't? Here are 6 animals that can sense things beyond your imagination!

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6 Female Animal Behaviours That Prove That Women Are the Reason These Species Thrive

What happens when women lead the way? These 6 female animals are here to show you how #GrrlPower runs the show in the animal kingdom!

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Bizarre Animal Mating Habits

The weirdest mating practices of the animal kingdom!

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Animal Behaviour Explained

Animals can be odd sometimes. However, there is always a reason for that. Here are some highlights about different animal behaviour.

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Weird Animal Defence Mechanisms

Fleeing, bright colorful looks, poisoning the predator, and camouflaging with the habitat are some of the common defence mechanisms in the animal kingdom. But there are many more weird ones!

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Puppy Care Guide

Puppies bring lots of happiness and action in our lives with their mischievous innocence. Are you ready to get your bundle of joy? Let's get you ready for one incredible phase of your life!

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Animal Behaviour

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