Animal Behaviour

Bizarre Animal Mating Habits

The weirdest mating practices of the animal kingdom!

Pooja Chavan

Animal Behaviour Explained

Animals can be odd sometimes. However, there is always a reason for that. Here are some highlights about different animal behaviour.

Arjun Sharma

Weird Animal Defence Mechanisms

Fleeing, bright colorful looks, poisoning the predator, and camouflaging with the habitat are some of the common defence mechanisms in the animal kingdom. But there are many more weird ones!

raksha kulkarni

Puppy Care Guide

Puppies bring lots of happiness and action in our lives with their mischievous innocence. Are you ready to get your bundle of joy? Let's get you ready for one incredible phase of your life!

raksha kulkarni

Ways in Which Pets Help With Our Mental Health

Ever wondered how just talking to your pet has made your day immediately go from horrible to great? Yes, it is proven that pets can help with our mental health.

raksha kulkarni

Preparing a Home With Pets for a Natural Disaster

A pet owner's guide to ensuring the safety of their pets, should a natural disaster ever strike. After all, let's not overlook the effects of Global Warming!

Jeevoka Buzz

Caring for Your Senior Dog With These Handy Tips

A few tips to help you figure how you can understand certain senior dog conditions better and ensure their comfort.

Jeevoka Buzz

Why Does My Normally Intelligent Dog Keep Making the Same Mistakes?!

My dog is usually smart, so why's he making the same mistakes over and over? I finally found out!

Ketki Bhosale

7 Reindeer Facts That Will Probably Surprise You!

Reindeer are associated with Christmas, but these incredible animals have so much more going on!

Jeevoka Buzz

A Veterinarian With a Difference!

There are vets and then there are vets who love animals 🐾

Sally Varma

Animal Behaviour

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