Why Our Ecosystem Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Elephants

They are more than their cute trunks, strong tusks, and lovable ears; elephants play an inevitable role in our everyday ecosystems. Here are some ways the help the world!

Jeevoka Buzz

Desert Biome – A Trip Through One of the Major Ecosystems

See how the living and the non-living come together to create one of earth's most vital biomes. It is stiff and dry and covers almost 20% of the Earth's surface!

Aaditee Kulkarni

Tundra Biome - The Earth's Crown

The word tundra means ‘barren land’. This unglaciated part of the earth is too cold for the survival of most of the life that the earth supports.

Aaditee Kulkarni

Preparing a Home With Pets for a Natural Disaster

A pet owner's guide to ensuring the safety of their pets, should a natural disaster ever strike. After all, let's not overlook the effects of Global Warming!

Jeevoka Buzz

How Will Bombay Survive Without Its Lungs?

While the Supreme Court has currently put a hold on further developments of the Metro shed at Aarey, we talk to Anand Siva to know how baneful the repercussions of the proposed development can be!

Jeevoka Buzz

Living Among Snakes

Snakes are found all over India, including metropolitan cities. Although difficult to spot, they exist. Here’s my take on snakes and the importance of coexistence.

Surabhi Ganguly


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