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Why You Should Adopt a Differently-Abled Animal!

A low-down on why differently-abled animals too make for good adoption choices.

Seema Nande

Nina Martin - Her Art and the Australian Bushfires

Art which features animals can be deeply personal, in this post Nina Martin talks about her art and what inspires her!


8 Plants That Attract Bees (And Other Pollinators) To Your Home-Gardens!

Bees can get exhausted, depleted, and die if they travel too far to forage. Here are some plants that you can have in your garden so you can help your neighbourhood bees!

Jeevoka Buzz

Thanksgiving and Turkeys… What’s the Connection?

Turkeys are the main event at every Thanksgiving Dinner. In this article, we question the why of it all.

Jeevoka Buzz

6 Plants That Keep Your Home Naturally Mosquito and Pest-Free!

Did you know many plants have extremely high pest-repellant properties? Using these around your garden, home, or even on your body, can keep the biters away- without using harsh chemicals!

Jeevoka Buzz

Photo Story: Kingfishers of India

One of the most fascinating subjects of wildlife photography, the Indian Kingfisher does not cease to un-muse itself! Did you know, there are twelve species of this mighty bird?

Uma Athale

Entomophagy - Insect-Eating a Good Alternative to Meat?

As the debate on meat eating continues, another alternative has cropped up - Entomophagy. Here's a glimpse into why some people consider insect-eating a good alternative to meat.

Jeevoka Buzz

What To Do When You Find Orphaned Baby Birds

An informational article about the steps you can take to ensure the survival and health of any orphaned baby birds that you might want to rescue!

Jeevoka Buzz


A small, slightly angry, descriptive rant about why breeding pugs to preserve their "characteristic" traits is animal cruelty.

Malvika Nair

Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Road Trip With Your Four-Legged Best Friend!

Taking your dog with you on a day trip or a long drive can be a fun way to bond with your dog and create amazing memories. Read on for helpful tips on taking your dog for a road trip!

Ketki Bhosale

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Interesting posts about animals... right at your fingertips.

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