5 Ways Dogs Make The World A Better Place!

This International Dog Day, let’s celebrate the qualities that make our favourite furballs so wonderful and lovable!

Fact: Dogs are amazing.

They’re best friends, faithful companions, family members, protectors, and lovers at heart! Starting a list of reasons why dogs are amazing would mean the list would go on forever, but we’ve got to try — because today is International Dog Day! We can’t go without showing our love and appreciation for the fluffy boys and girls who bring so much joy and laughter to our lives!

So here are five — of many — ways the world is an infinitely better place because of dogs!

A black and tan Rottweiler dog wearing a blue vest with a handle and a reflective strip sitting on a street. The dog has its tongue out and is being held by a person in camouflage clothing and black boots. The background shows a white fence and a tree.

1. They Are Heroes Without Capes

They’re not just cute to look at. Dogs guide, support, and protect us when we need it the most! 

They help people navigate, cope, and survive in a variety of situations. Dogs are often involved in rescue operations as they can find and guide those who are trapped, injured, or lost in natural disasters. Because of their amazing senses, dogs can sniff out danger, hear trouble, and see things we can’t. They can warn us of fires, gas leaks, and dangerous people. 

Some dogs are even specially trained to help people with disabilities. They can guide the blind, serve the deaf, or comfort the mentally ill. Other dogs work as brave and loyal partners for search and rescue teams, police officers, or soldiers!

A tan and white dog with white markings on its face, chest, and legs standing on a rock in a rural setting. The background shows a pile of dried grass and shrubs, a stone wall, a tree, a field, and a building in the distance.

2. They Are Environmental Conservationists

Dogs are not only our friends but also our allies in saving the planet. Dogs can play an important part in protecting endangered species and habitats of the world. For example, some dogs are trained to sniff out poachers, illegal wildlife products, or invasive plants and animals that harm native ecosystems.

There are many instances of dogs helping with conservation, too. Some dogs are trained to search for invasive species like zebra mussels or track rare and endangered animals like snow leopards, koalas, or gorillas. Other dogs are trained to monitor large landscapes, assess corridor connectivity, study animal movement and genetic diversity, or help with road ecology surveys!

A group of five dogs of different breeds posing against a light blue background. The breeds are chocolate Labrador Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, English Bulldog, Pug, and a blurred dog. The English Bulldog has its tongue out and the Pug is looking to the right. The blurred dog is a small white dog whose face is hidden for privacy reasons.

3. They Represent Natural Diversity!

Dogs help promote natural cultural diversity. Existing in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and breeds, they make us appreciate and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of life on Earth! 

A child crouching down and petting a golden retriever dog on the head in a park. The dog is looking up at the child with its mouth open. The background shows trees and grass in the sunlight.

4. They Teach Outside the Classroom

Dogs can be great teachers and motivators for people of all ages and backgrounds. They can especially help children learn about responsibility, empathy, and teamwork.

They also impart a valuable life lesson that we humans tend to often forget: to live in the moment. They show us how things as simple as a sunny spot, a good meal, or a belly rub can make a good day great!

A white golden retriever dog running on a grassy field with a stick in its mouth. The dog is running towards the camera and the background shows bushes with yellow flowers. The image is taken during a clear day.

5. They Make Us Happy and Healthy!

Studies have shown that owning a dog can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress levels! Physical health aside, dogs can make us laugh and smile with their cute and hilarious antics. They have a way of brightening up our day and lifting our spirits! They are unconditional lovers, showing us affection with their hearts and souls no matter the circumstances.

There are so many ways dogs make the world better, and they deserve all our respect, love, and admiration! So, on this special day, give your special furry friend a treat, a cuddle, and a fond pat on their head to show them your love and thank them for being such a loyal and cheerful presence in your life.

Happy International Dog Day!

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