6 Female Animal Behaviours That Prove That Women Are the Reason These Species Thrive

What happens when women lead the way? These 6 female animals are here to show you how #GrrlPower runs the show in the animal kingdom!

On this International Women's Day, as we celebrate the strong and ferocious Wonderwomen of the world — let’s not leave our animal counterparts behind! It’s time to raise our glasses in honour of the women of the wild. From food gatherers to clan leaders, the ladies of the animal kingdom do it all and more! With great intelligence, leadership, wisdom, and specific behavioural traits unique to them, these female animals lead their species to survival and success. So, without further ado, here are 6 remarkable examples of female animal behaviour that prove that girl power rules the animal kingdom.

Hyena clans and their reign of sisterhood

Female Hyena
When it comes to squad goals, women-led hyena clans remain supreme. First off, as female hyenas are the dominant members of their species, the designated matriarch of the pack leads the clan and its movements. She has the final say on all decisions concerning the group's safety, food supply, and territory. But the real strength lies in numbers — and these girls are well-aware of that. They prioritize their friendships and relationships with each other above all else. They take care of each other's children, solve conflicts, hunt, and protect their territory together against any threats. When faced with adversity, these hyenas join forces and launch attacks on other groups. Talk about women supporting women, right?

Lionesses wear the pants
lioness on the hunt
Don’t be fooled by the lions’ impressive mane and rogue strength — it’s the lionesses who rule the pride when it’s time to hunt.  They have sharper senses and greater stealth, through which they track and overpower any prey to keep their families fed. Their hunting prowess ensures that the pride has a steady food supply for survival. 

Dinner is served, but lady bonobos first!

bonobo playing
Unlike chimps, who are usually male-led, bonobos have the right idea when it comes to leadership. Bonobo communities are successfully led by females, who basically call the shots at every turn. From travel plans to dinner, the women of the crew wear the thinking cap. In fact, it has been observed that females eat first because they organize dinner. But it's not all about power – female bonobos also serve as peacekeepers, keeping conflict at bay within their societies. These evolved species remind us that women can lead with both intelligence and compassion. Isn’t it fascinating that we share almost 99% of our DNA with this evolved species? 

Matriarchal wisdom in female Killer Whaleskiller whale
Female killer whales lead the pod’s hunting strategies, movements, and social behaviours. They use their knowledge and experience to guide their whale pod to safe feeding grounds, keeping the danger at bay. They continue to live on and lend their wisdom to the pod for up to 90 years! The grandmothers of the pod, though, are the real sheroes. Studies have shown that post-reproductive females (aka grandmothers), having acquired years’ worth of knowledge, contribute to higher success and survival rates for the pod! Conclusion: Grandmas remain superior, no matter the species.

Reproduction in Spidersspider
Not all heroes wear capes… Some have 8 legs and sacrifice their own life for their children!

In some spider species, female spiders lay their eggs and then wrap them in a silk cocoon. But they don't stop there – these brave moms also lay down their lives to protect their offspring. As the young spiders hatch and grow, they feed on their mother's body, ensuring they have the nourishment they need to thrive. Truly, is there anything greater than a mother's love?

The Honeybees that literally pave the way

We all know that women are the ultimate multitaskers, and female honeybees are proof. They forage for food and use the sun's position and the earth's magnetic field to navigate their way back to the hive. But that's not all – they also communicate with each other through a complex dance to direct other bees to food sources. Without their intricate communication system, the hive's social structure would collapse. These busy bees prove that when women work together, amazing things can happen.

These animal behaviors prove that female animals are smart, adaptable, and natural leaders—just like human women! Women have played an important role in shaping our world's history, culture, and society. They have made groundbreaking scientific discoveries, led nations, fought for equality and justice, and inspired future generations. Today is a reminder to celebrate their achievements and keep pushing for a world where all women can thrive. On this International Women's Day, let's recognize the amazing contributions of women, both human, and animal, and work towards a fairer and more equitable world for everyone!



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