Tips 'Fur' Clicking Awesome Cat Photos!

Trust these tiny, furry ninjas to be quick enough to capture that prefect pose. Striking random silly pose, cats demand that you must always be ready to freeze frames. Here's how to!

We all have to agree that the internet does prefer cats. They are everywhere—their sheer ubiquity can be seen in thousands of GIFs, vines and memes all across YouTube, Instagram and more social media. The reason cats became so popular on the internet is probably that they succeed in communicating both beauty and absurdity, all at the same time. Their chucklesome predicaments juxtaposed with funny texts gave rise to the LOLcats phenomenon in the early 2000s, which took the internet by storm and there was no looking back! 

Now some ill-informed folks may think cats are boring. To them, I say, "Pssht!" These kitties are a laugh riot! Their predictability is sure funny, but their unpredictability is even funnier. They are graceful, sassy, strange and mysterious, but, most importantly, they are the masters of self-love!

"Cat's out of the bag, I Haz an Instagram meow!"

All cool cats are doing it, so why not your cat? Whether you are thinking of starting a cat account on the internet or not, you would need a lot of pictures. Darn cute pictures. Let's find out how to click them!

Top cat-photography tips:

  • Use a shutter-priority mode - When it comes to cat photos, you will find more of them in your trash than your library. Getting a blurry photo is most common when it comes to cat photography. That’s because cats are sometimes unpredictable, and they move fast! It probably sounds obvious, but setting a fast shutter speed will help freeze a perfect frame. For sharp and crisp cat images, set the shutter speed of 1/100s to 1/250s if the cat is just lying around and relaxing around the house; if they are in a play mode, set the shutter speed upwards of 1/800s. Use these settings with an auto ISO and your photos will go from good to great. 

A Purrfectly perfect shot!

  • Eye to eye - If there is one thing you should definitely photograph, it is the cat’s eyes. They are just too expressive. They change with emotional arousal such as fear or excitement. Their eyes also respond to light, just like human eyes, but with more finesse. As a way of communicating emotions, cat's eyes can go from thin slits to full circular pupils in no time, and that is why you should always be camera ready. Remember the cat video where the owner tells its cat that he is adopted and cat’s eyes go all big and wide? You need just that kind of content to make it big on the internet! So keep your eyes on the prize, I mean the eyes! 

"I am so darn cute, i just cat help it"

  • Be patient - Most of the time, the only difference between an iconic photo and a blurry one is a fraction of a second. A cute cat picture will need a lot of patience at your end. Train yourself to be a patient photographer when around your cat. Wait until your cat is relaxed. Cats may not always be obedient to their humans, so it is best to follow their lead. Keep some treats that might help handy. 

"You meow me? Tell me something new"

  • Get close - Grey cat, Sphynx cat, or a hairless cat, they all have one thing in common - a cute face! A closeup shot of a cat's face will help you capture details that are otherwise indistinguishable to the hooman eye. Do not miss out on the bumps and ridges of their pink nose, their tongues out (so cute!), and the holy cat whiskers (that have an enough personality in itself!) that accentuate their faces.
  • Follow suitCats in action are brazen! Sometimes they will hide, sometimes go to places that they are not supposed to, and sometimes you will find them sitting on top of shelves staring back at you. Cats are naturally curious and hence always on the move, that is when they are not sleeping. Follow your cat, let them take a lead. That way, you can get some of the best natural shots. 

"Watch me walk the purrfect catwalk!"

  • Do not use the flash - If you have an indoor cat, it is only obvious that you would want to use a flash to make up for the lack of natural light. However, you must keep in mind that cats are timid and can easily get scared by sudden sounds or light bursts. While it will not harm the cat, it may send them into hiding for a while. And so, it is best to turn off that flash. If the light conditions are poor, wait for the cat to move to a different place. 
  • Always be camera-ready - Worried about missing a breathtaking photographic cat moment? Always have your camera ready! That shouldn’t be a problem because most of us shoot using our mobile phones. But also be quick on the draw. You never know when your cat’s Instagram career-defining shot presents itself.
  • Cat selfies - Who doesn't like to take selfies? And your cat is no exception. Okay, fun stuff aside, cats never strike a pose that is not photogenic. And cat selfies are downright hysterical. Leave your camera on and let your cat walk up to the camera to touch it—that’s when you click! 

catitude at it's best!

  • Take macro photos - We have talked about getting cat closeups of the cat's face, but let us not forget the squishy toe beans, the fur that grows from the tips of their ears and those little paws. Fill your frames with everything cat. But approach the cat with caution. Use zoom lenses if you are at a distance.

Cats are ridiculously popular on the internet. And all you need is a good combination of creativity and a cute cat. Does your cat have an Instagram account? Do link us! 

Aaditee Kulkarni

Aaditee Kulkarni

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