7 Animals That Went Through Puberty and GLOWED UP!

Some animals almost look unrecognisable as babies. Here's seven baby animals that look nothing like their adult versions!

Everyone goes through a metamorphosis at some point or the other. I'm sure Brad Pitt didn't always look the way he does. The animal kingdom sees some of the most amazing or shocking transformations. Whether it's mammals, birds, or insects, these animal glow ups are amazing to look at. Let's turn it into a guessing game - what do you think these baby animals are?

1. Weird Pinkish Rat Looking Thing:

Image credit: Daily Mail

What is it? It almost looks like a snake, but it's a mammal. Which one? 


It's a Giant Panda!

Who would've guessed, eh? They're born tiny, hairless and blind, and need very intensive care during the first few months.

2. This Creepy Crocodile-Looking Bug

What business does it have looking like a croc anyway? Any guesses as to what it is? 


It's a Ladybug!

Ladybug larvae look are black and orange/white/red before they go through several moults and become the small button-cute little bugs that they are.

3. This Ugly-Cute Boring-Beige Spider with a Baseball Cap on For Some Reason

image credit: cbs news

What do you think this little spidey will look like when it's full grown? Brown? Black? Black and White? 


It's the beautiful, intricate Peacock Jumping Spider!

image credit: wired

This photo shows the mating dance of the peacock jumping spider, one of the cutest, most beautiful spiders to ever exist. 

4. This Baby Bird, Who Is Unarguably The Cutest Ugly Creature In The World

image credit: today

Now, what would this baby look like as an adult? Fun fact: The baby bird in this particular picture is called Nelson, and he's slightly famous. Any ideas? Maybe a colour you think he would be as an adult?


It's a Kea! A beautiful parrot species from New Zealand that has most of its coloured patterns under its wings, not on them.

Not what most people think of when you say 'Parrot', but it's a beautiful bird nonetheless.

5. This Caterpillar That Has 'Don't Touch Me Or You'll Die' Vibes

Image credit: Brisbane insects

This caterpillar looks like a walking barbed wire fence. Can you make out its head or tail? It looks so... sturdy. Guess what it looks like as an adult? It's really as far from this caterpillar as it gets...


It's a Glasswing Butterfly - the most delicate-looking creature in the entire world. It has 'Don't Touch Me or I'll Die" vibes.

Its wings are so fine, they are completely transparent! This metamorphosis goes from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other extreme end.

6. This Little Fellow Who Looks Like Everyone's Highschool-Freaky-Hair-Phase Rolled Into One Creature. 

This little guy has every hair dye shade, even little furry red spikes going on. Some silver wisps, and a nice bushy mohawk at the end. What do you think this edgy little bug is going to be? A single colour? Multiple colours? Maybe a more formal brown? 


It's the brilliant Blue Morpho Butterfly!

The caterpillar was tired of its "everything" look and decided to go for a more ombre blue dazzling palette. Nevertheless, this wallpaper-worthy butterfly definitely had a glow up.

7. This Caterpillar That Looks Like a Frozen Fossil From the 4th Century 

This bug looks like it'd be icy cold to touch. It's not. What's the adult face of this frigid animal? 


It's the Attacus Atlas Moth - the moth with the biggest wingspan in the world!

This gargantuan moth looks like it was forged in a volcano. Huge and fiery, it currently stands as the largest moth in the world, measured by wingspan. Beautiful right? Icy as a child, fiery as an adult. What a brilliant transformation.

The animal kingdom always has and will continue to shock us with how beautiful, temperamental yet organized it is. Infant animals through their developmental stages can be so varied, it makes us humans and primates look boring. Fun fact: None of them will be around when climate change really REALLY hits us.

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