I Got Lucky!

Here's a small piece about my connection with Lucky, a sanctuary dog who saw lots of love in his old age at the RESQ Charitable Trust.

One of my first memories of the RESQ Centre is of me meeting Lucky at the front porch. He was approximately 10-11 years old. Why don’t I know his exact age? Because he was an abandoned pet. Lucky was all anyone could have asked from a dog and as I got to know him (even today) I just could not comprehend how someone could abandon him. 

Lucky came to RESQ with a large wound in his upper palate (the roof of his mouth), but by the time I met him his wound had completely healed; he was just this old dog who creakingly got up to greet you when he saw you. As with old age, he got blind and still greeted the same way, except now he would smell you. 

He understood only Marathi, loved all kinds of balls and insisted on a bike ride if a bike was started around him. 

He loved being and getting wet but disliked his baths. 

He went on long rambles and was recognised by the RESQ Centre neighbours. 

He’d bark and remind you if you were late in taking him for his walk. 

In the summer, every afternoon he’d find you and remind you it’s time for his cold towel. 

You had to make a big deal of even the slightest boo-boo or he’d sulk. 

He loved getting brushed but would fall asleep during the brushing, which meant you only ever brushed one side at a time. 

Today is his 1st death anniversary, and the pain hasn’t reduced, but you know what - even though it was for only three years, I got Lucky!

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts

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An avid reader, a poor writer; I hope one day I will be able to do a handstand, speak Nihongo and have a pet pig! I work at the RESQ Charitable Trust and spend my days managing the RESQ Centre and protecting people from the notorious Flory there. Passionate about DIY and reusing articles, you will always find an ‘in the process’ project in my living room!
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