Canine Achievements In Cinema

Contemplating on what to do this weekend? Grab some popcorn (and perhaps a box of tissues), and get set for some heartwarming dog-friendly films!

With the awards season underway, it is a bit unfair that there are no Canine Oscars! 

Over the years, so many dogs have been a part of cinema and sitcoms. While it is not easy being a canine celebrity, maybe we can start by recognizing groundbreaking canine roles in the West as well as here in India.

It’s 2020, Can We Have Dog Oscars Already?!

The Independent UK rightly states it is time to celebrate achievements in cinema by canines over the years.


Closer to home, Bollywood hasn’t been far behind. ‘Dogwithblog’ has chronicled a list of must-watch movies for dog lovers where the dog has been the soul of the movie.


Maybe this weekend calls for a canine movie marathon! Not too sure what to watch? Here's a list to help you out:

Marley & Me

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, Marley & Me released in 2008 and has become a favourite of many movie fanatics. After all, what’s it’s hard to not love a plot of which a not-so-obedient pet dog who becomes the love and life of a couple happens to be the protagonist?!

A Dog’s Purpose

If you are into spirituality, this one’s certain to leave you speechless. Introducing the topic of reincarnation in dogs, the story revolves around a dog who reincarnates to fulfil the purpose of his life. The movie has drawn inspiration from the book ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ which went on to become a number 1 New York Times bestseller.

Lady and the Tramp 

Trust Disney to reinforce your belief in fairy tales! An all-time classic, the Lady and the Tramp is a spectacle of the adventures of an upper-middle-class American Cocker Spaniel, Lady and a street-smart, stray Schnauzer, Tramp. If you are in the mood of some good ol’ musical romance, pick this one this weekend!

The Secret Life of Pets 

Get snug with your little ones and play The Secret Life of Pets, they will sure relate to it all. A great imaginary encapsulation of what your pets would possibly doing when you are at work, the animated movie can be a great weekend watch for more reasons than one!

101 Dalmations

Take a trip down memory lane with this eternal favourite. If you haven’t watched it, look forward to a fantastic narration of Anita and Roger on a mission to save their Dalmation’s puppies from a crazed woman Cruella hellbent on making a coat from their fur!

Dog Days

Not one but so many pet dogs as the leading protagonists of the plot, Dog Days is a great depiction of the current day socialisation. A group of adults having their lives intertwined, courtesy - their pets! Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria and Nina Dobrev play lead roles.


A heart-wrenching watch that will reinforce your belief in the fact that when you lose something, you win something. Benji a dog loses two children he loved and played with to a kidnapper. In the process of finding them, he ends up meeting another pup he falls in love with!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 

And last but not least, another Disney gem - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a grasping watch on the journey of 3 pets who think they have lost their owners. While they think so, they set out on an adventure of “finding” their owners who are actually off on a holiday!

With that, stack up on some popcorn and perhaps some tissues and get set for a cosy weekend in!

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