Indian Small Cats

India is famous for its tigers, lions and leopards, but there’s so much more to our species diversity! Here's a list 10 species of Indian Small Cats.

Uma Athale

Climbing up Higher

Even the jungle has its fair share of good and poor climbers. Sadly, growing urbanisation is not only going to limit the tree-climbing experiences of children today, but also that of wildlife.

Surabhi Ganguly

How to Tell the Difference between Frogs and Toads

The animal kingdom never ceases to fascinate me with its similar-looking creatures. If you’ve ever wondered how a frog is different from a toad, here’s a handy guide!

Uma Athale

A Quick Look at the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

Curious about wildlife protection? Here's a look at the laws and enforcing bodies for wildlife protection in India.

Uma Athale

Illegal Wildlife Trade in India: Asian Elephants

From intricate artwork to signature seals, the demand for elephant ivory only seems to be growing. What is unseen, however, is its catastrophic consequence!

Uma Athale


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