How to Tell the Difference Between Deer and Antelope

One of the most popular cases of species identification, the deer and the antelope are often mistaken to be one. Here's a list of factors differentiating the two.

Uma Athale

Weird Animal Defence Mechanisms

Fleeing, bright colorful looks, poisoning the predator, and camouflaging with the habitat are some of the common defence mechanisms in the animal kingdom. But there are many more weird ones!

raksha kulkarni

Differences Between Antlers and Horns

More than just headgears, antlers and horns play a significant role in the anatomy of animals. But hey, did you know the two are very different? Here's how!

Uma Athale

Differences Between Butterflies and Moths

Belonging to the Lepidoptera species, the butterfly and moth are often confused to be the same. Here's a comprehensive list of factors that discern them!

Uma Athale

Extreme Migrations in the Animal Kingdom

Migration is observed in all animal species: from the tiniest insect to the largest mammal. The animal kingdom is full of such dramatic and extreme migrations. Let's take a look at some!

raksha kulkarni

Science Humour: Sometimes Coming Up With a Latin Name is a Joke

Sometimes scientists are so zonked after months of research, they end up naming the species they discovered the weirdest names. Read more to find out what they are!

Jeevoka Buzz

Citizen Science: You Don't Need a PhD to be a Scientist

A small insight into the ever-expanding world of citizen science - what it means, how it started, how it's expanding, and what you can do to help.

Jeevoka Buzz

Of Elephants and Explosives...

A perspective on human wildlife conflict

Shantanu Kalambi

Paw-prints on our conservation efforts?

Why are wildlife experts all around India talking about stray dogs? Read on to see how the humble stray dog is wreaking havoc on our vulnerable fauna


Motherhood ain't no Monkey Business!

Chronicles of raising a baby bonnet macaque!

Indrakshi Banerji


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