Cat Care

New Kitten Owners' Most Common Questions Answered

For a new cat parent, here are some of the most common new-kitten-owner questions answered.

Aaditee Kulkarni

Senior Cats' Care 101

Senior cats need extra love and care. Looking for your cat(s)' physical and verbal cues will ensure you provide these golden oldies with the best!

Aaditee Kulkarni

Prepping Your Pet for Winter — Everything You Need to Know!

Here's all that you need to know to keep your pet warm and comfy during the winter!

Jeevoka Buzz

Do Cats Need to be Groomed?

As a groomer, I believe all cats should be desensitized towards grooming sessions despite the fact that they are self-groomers. Here’s why grooming's important for your cat’s health and wellbeing

Rupal Zingde

Cat Care

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