Cat Behaviour

Know Why Your Feline Pals Snooze the Day Away

Cats sleep a lot and still stay in shape?! Hmm... but what makes cats sleep so much? Let's find out.

Aaditee Kulkarni

Do Cats Need to be Groomed?

As a groomer, I believe all cats should be desensitized towards grooming sessions despite the fact that they are self-groomers. Here’s why grooming's important for your cat’s health and wellbeing

Rupal Zingde

I Don’t Wish to Breed My Pet. Should I Still Spay/Neuter Them?

Here's why spaying or neutering your pet, even if you never wish to mate them, should be the universal option for every pet parent!

Indrakshi Banerji

Litter-Training Your Cat 101

From choosing the right litter box to the right kind of litter, here's all you need to know about litter-training your cat!

Tanya Kane

Cat Behaviour

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