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I am an Animal@❤️ and therefore a fierce environmentalist. I am a rescue resource for wild animals here in Pune. Almost #vegan. Intend a startup in greenspace as soon as I beat my lazy ass. The only thing that can get me out of bed: An animal call or football. I'm a former club player and still play in a near-professional setup at IISER/Papal grounds (ALL boys are welcome here so please connect to join - sorry girls... not yet). BKS Iyengar Yogashala Pune - owe this bigtime for keeping me injury free. Currently shred at MultiFit Aundh. My fitness ethic: Form is everything! Also have affairs with: Adrenalin, Monsoon, Coffee/Tea, Roadtrips, @zomato 's Pune's best... etc. Always IN for a late night movie.

The Cobra Car!

Rescuing an Indian Cobra that was coiled within the bonnet of a car!

Shivam Sharma