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The Welfare of Laboratory Testing Animals in India

A brief look into the history of cruelty, room for improvement and the hopefully better future of animals used in laboratory testing in India.

Jeevoka Buzz

Hunger is universal

Vinothini Kannan

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Summers

Summertime means loads of outdoor fun with your pets. Keep your pet cool in the warm weather with these tips!

raksha kulkarni

Puppy Care Guide

Puppies bring lots of happiness and action in our lives with their mischievous innocence. Are you ready to get your bundle of joy? Let's get you ready for one incredible phase of your life!

raksha kulkarni

Pet Photography for a cause

I am a photographer, taking up pet photography assignments and donating all the money made through them for animals in need

Bhavna Sadnani

Consumer Ethics for Animal Right Believers

Here's a shocking list of products you've been using, possibly unaware of the fact that they are made using animal parts!

raksha kulkarni

Obesity in Pets

Can you tell whether your pet is cutely round and tubby or could there be a possibility that they are obese? Read on to find out, and if positively obese, how you can help!

Indrakshi Banerji

What Is Important to Remember About Pet Vaccinations?

Vaccinating and re-vaccinating your pets on time is one of the best ways to prevent the onset of deadly and often fatal diseases. Here's an all-you-need-to-know about it!

Indrakshi Banerji

Ways in Which Pets Help With Our Mental Health

Ever wondered how just talking to your pet has made your day immediately go from horrible to great? Yes, it is proven that pets can help with our mental health.

raksha kulkarni

Career Options for Animal Lovers

Do you love animals to the extent that you wish to also have a career revolving around them? Your wish can be turned into reality. Here’s how!

raksha kulkarni

Browse Posts

Interesting posts about animals... right at your fingertips.

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