Science Humour: Sometimes Coming Up With a Latin Name is a Joke

Sometimes scientists are so zonked after months of research, they end up naming the species they discovered the weirdest names. Read more to find out what they are!

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I Followed A Bug Around My House For 2 Hours

What do insects do all day? We casually glance at them but never actually observe them outside a scientific setting. I decided to observe a bug from a distance and see what it's up to!

Malvika Nair

6 Little Garden Helpers For Your Soil

This article appreciates some essential critters, other than earthworms, that are beneficial and even necessary to keep your soil and plants thriving for a healthy garden or greenhouse ecosystem

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Entomophagy - Insect-Eating a Good Alternative to Meat?

As the debate on meat eating continues, another alternative has cropped up - Entomophagy. Here's a glimpse into why some people consider insect-eating a good alternative to meat.

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