Animal Moms and the Wholesome Ways They Protect Their Young

Their love language is ‘safety first’ — take a sweet look at motherhood in the animal kingdom

Jeevoka Buzz

How to Tell the Difference Between Deer and Antelope

One of the most popular cases of species identification, the deer and the antelope are often mistaken to be one. Here's a list of factors differentiating the two.

Uma Athale

Differences Between Antlers and Horns

More than just headgears, antlers and horns play a significant role in the anatomy of animals. But hey, did you know the two are very different? Here's how!

Uma Athale

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

More than just memes, spirit animals can guide you, support you with strength and help you build a soul-satisfying life. Find out what's yours!

Jeevoka Buzz

When Nature Teams Up

Here are some little-known facts about how wild birds and animals engage in teamwork for survival!

Surabhi Ganguly


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