Wake-up Walk!

An article written in 2018 when I took my 4 month old puppy for a walk on the streets of Pune.

Neha Panchamiya

Horses Create 'Ubuntu' Teams

Horse Assisted Education can be an effective educational approach for complex learning and development requirements. Here’s my experience of how horses help create ‘ubuntu’ teams!

Riddhima Kowley

Indian Small Cats

India is famous for its tigers, lions and leopards, but there’s so much more to our species diversity! Here's a list 10 species of Indian Small Cats.

Uma Athale

Bedtime Tale or Nightmare?

I recently came across a disturbing set of images that made me sick. A children's book titled 'The Unfaithful Dog' encouraged violence and vengeance over kindness and empathy! Here’s my opinion

Tanya Kane

Horses Connect Us To Our True Selves

Self-awareness is the fundamental starting point for leadership and team building. Here's how horses can contribute to self-awareness and make great leaders!

Riddhima Kowley

An Interview with Ranjit Kher, Founder of The Barn House

Ranjit Kher left the corporate life for one at the farm. Here’s Ranjit walking me through his decision to go back to his roots and his love for Marwari Horses!

Tanya Kane

A Quick Look at the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

Curious about wildlife protection? Here's a look at the laws and enforcing bodies for wildlife protection in India.

Uma Athale

Horses Help us Turn Diversity into Wholeness

Last month, I facilitated a horse-assisted leadership development workshop in France. The journey from diversity to wholeness that I witnessed that day inspired me… here’s what happened.

Riddhima Kowley

Dogs Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas!

A dog is not a toy. When adoptions fail, you break a dog's heart: many times, beyond repair. Here’s what happens when people realise that having a dog is a lot more than just cuddles and selfies!

Tanya Kane

Deworming Your Dog 101

Here’s why deworming your dog is essential for his health!

Indrakshi Banerji