Our Ecosystem is in Danger

Each & every one should take a necessary step to save our Ecosystem

Due to Human resources & malpractice our Ecosystem is being affected today, which is very dangerous for every  Living Beings.

For our needs we cutoff Tress which are the major Sources of Oxygen.

These Large Scale Cutting down of Trees leads to Deforestation which destroys our Forests & we all Know that Forests play a major role in balancing our Ecosystem.

Today all of the Natural Disasters which we all faces is because of our activities which disturbs our Ecosystem.

All the Chemicals, Factories, Vehicles, Large Machineries, use of Non-renuable products, disposal of Non-recyclable garbages are  the major sources. 

Air & Water Pollutions are the 2 major factors which directly affects the Environment.

Let's take the Case Report of Amazon Tropical Rainforest. 

We all know that Amazon Tropical Rainforest has been described as the "Lungs of Our Planet" because it provides the essential environmental service of continuously recycling Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. More than 20% of the World's Oxygen is produced in Amazon Tropical Rainforest.

More than the half of the World's estimated 10 Millions Species of Plants, Animals, Birds & Insects Lives in the Tropical Rainforest.

One-firth of the World's Fresh Water is in the Amazon Basin.

At least 80% of the developed World's diet originated in Tropical Rainforest.

Today Amazon is in danger due to which our World is also in danger because Amazon Rainforest is suffering it's worst Fires in decade....

between January & August 2019 alone; the number of Fires in the region was 83% which was higher than the pre-last year 2018.

In 2020, Situation gone from bad to worse- Fires in Amazon increased by 13 % in the first 9 months of the year compared with a year ago, as the Rainforest region experiences it's worst rash of Fires in decade...

Satellites in September recorded 32,017 hotspots in the World's Largest Rainforest, a 61 % rise as compared  from the same month in 2019. 

Impact due to which is Tribes are getting affected by the Wildfires.

We the Human beings should take the necessary steps so that these kinds of situation could not occur because it directly affects our Planet.

"Fell the Beauty & Importance of Nature & respect it & also take necessary steps to safeguard it...."


Case Report provided by The Environment Research Institute of Brazil (IPAM)
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Aditya3dDesign 17 Oct 2020

Very true, steps we take today is going to impact our potential future, so we have to keep this in our minds that we are not just saving today's world but saving and securing our potential future too.