Animal #CoupleGoals That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger!

Aah! It's Valentine’s - the season of love. And we can't help but obsess over these animal couples giving some major love lessons!

The day the world celebrates as the day of love — Valentine's Day — is upon us. In essence, it has become a day of expressing love and romance through gifts, dates, flowers, and sweet kisses. Come February and everyone is in the mood for some mush and some rush. But love can also make many jittery. If these swoony sensations are giving you butterflies, you are, possibly, in need of some love inspo — some good inspo, and no, these aren't your basic celebrity couples. But today, let us look at some animal couples who are here to give us some relationship goals! 


Did you know a hug from a loved one can reduce anxiety and relieve stress? Hugs between couples are always tender, warm, and fuzzy. When you hug your lover, you are taking time out - to appreciate them, to let them know that you are always there for them and that they are important. When the skins touch, it just makes one feel really really good. I mean, just look at the warmth and comfort these two Japanese Macaques are sharing. Feeling mushy already? :P

Kissing, on the other hand, adds spice to your relationship! A kiss can communicate emotions without having to say a word. Hold your partner close, pin their bodies may be, and let the emotions take over you both. Remember to never rush through this divine moment, take it slow, like the prairie dogs here. They don’t have their eyes closed, but you always should! Do not do that rookie mistake.

Whisper Sweet Nothings!

And while you kiss, whisper sweet nothings in your partner's ears! If you find the sexy-talk daunting :( it is best to keep the things personal and super authentic. Ditch the cheesy pickup lines! Noticing something unique about your partner, or a word of appreciation will make you both feel super comfortable at the moment. When you are ready to take it to the next level - be adventurous! Share your fantasies, tell dirty secrets, tell them you need them, and make sure you leave no doubt about your intentions. 

There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Cuddling! 

Ah, cuddles! Wrapped up butt-to-back or facing each other, cuddles can never go wrong. It is intimate and sexy and should be made the most of. Most of the time, it leads to epic sexiness. A heartfelt and romantic cuddle will also be a huge stress buster. Did you know cuddling releases dopamine and serotonin into your systems? Cuddles need no reasons, but it is believed that girls like to cuddle as it gives them a sense of security, and on the other hand, boys like to cuddle because it lets them show that they are protective, sometimes even possessive. So what kind of cuddler are you? Do you set up your bedroom with warm hues and neutral bedding? Or do you just got for it on the couch? :D

Is Tender Love = True Love?

Tender heart-to-heart kind of love is, for me, the most authentic form of love. It is personal, soothing, and more than anything else, it dignifies your partner. It is a reassuring kind of love that can break down walls and let go of grudges and acts of selfishness. One more thing that makes tender love oh-so-sweet is that it starts with you! To be able to love tenderly, you must first find your inner peace and calmness. And be the best of yourself. 

Laugh Together To Last Together!

You see, it is a proven fact that laughter is the best medicine. Sharing a laugh with your partner can make you feel close to each other, plus it is also known to improve communication. Breaking out into childlike, spontaneous laughter while reminiscing, “Hey! Do you remember that one time when we..?” can definitely help reinforce a sense of a strong and positive relationship between the couple. But how can you laugh more as a couple? One thing is, do not take yourself too seriously. Let yourself be free and do what feels like. Be the natural you. Sarcasm, good pranking, reliving fun times, looking at old photographs, and some cutesy inside jokes can assure more laughs in a relationship. 

Je T'aime In The Most Romantic City In The World

Romanticism is deeply rooted in this French capital! Couples from all over the world come to Paris - to propose, to wed, or to honeymoon! This sexy gateway has seen more love stories happen than probably anywhere else in the world. Take your girl for a stroll along one of its many well-crafted streets, or appreciate each other in one of its after-dark museums. Paris is going to an unforgettable rendezvous indeed! Just like these pigeons here! Cutely enough, they are known to give each other light pecks on the neck. Something we all should do very often. Now isn’t that super romantic? 

Holding Hands While Walking

Holding your romantic partner’s hand is one of the sweetest things you can do. It is direct, and it is intimate. What’s more? Holding hands is also known to reduce the levels of stress-causing cortisol and increase the flow of the so-called love hormone - oxytocin. Today, many body language experts believe that intertwined fingers say that “I am completely into you.” Unfortunately, penguins cannot intertwine their fingers :( But did you know penguins hold hands while taking a romantic walk on the beach? Now, that’s some serious couple goals right there! 

Now Into The Bedroom - Holding Hands While Sleeping

Okay, you have Netflix and chilled ;). now what? How about snuggling together and falling asleep while holding hands? They say when you hold hands of the person you love, your brainwaves sync. The small act of this physical touch makes sure you are communicating, even when asleep. Now, how endearing is that?

Bring Her The Flowers!

Surprise and tickle her pink when you see her on this Valentine’s Day! The moment you give her the flowers, see her face glow up. And that smile will stay a very long time. Even when she is home after your date. The thing is, giving her flowers doesn’t always have to be expensive. Or difficult. Of course, red roses are a classic. You can never go wrong with the flowers. They will always make your sweetie happy. Unless she is allergic to a specific variety. Also, avoid cacti! :P

I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life In Your Arms

Now that’s a big one and congratulations to the couple! Making a commitment ‘till death do us part’ shows how serious and in love you are with your partner. To be able to share the rest of their lives together and do so while loving one another is the greatest symbol of love! To cherish and complete each other, that’s exactly what couples in love do. Did you know some apes, like gibbons, mate for life? A gibbon couple will hang out all day (literally) by the tree and spend time grooming each other. We heart it! 

The Wise Love

Many experts believe that mature and wise is the best kind of love. Beyond the emotional and passionate intensity of the youthfulness comes mature love. It offers each other complete trust, security, and serenity. So how do you know that your love has wisen-ed up? To start with, you both can talk about anything and everything. You both understand each others’ personal time and spaces. There is absolute trust between you two. And more importantly, you both know each other's need for having a life outside the couple. 

And They Lived Happily Ever After

And mature love often leads to a happily ever after! First things first, happily ever after may not always be easy. It takes work. And this work is almost always effortless when you are madly in love with each other. A good marriage is when you never go to bed angry. 

There is so much we can learn from the animals! For one, they never shy away from expressing their love to one another. For these animals, love is unconditional and love is right now! 

Aaditee Kulkarni

Aaditee Kulkarni

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